M7 Design Group is an architectural design practice based in Melbourne, Australia. We design projects that are responsive to our client’s ideas about culture, lifestyle, beliefs and environment.

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We believe every project is unique and deserves its own individual solution. So, we place high importance on custom designs, aesthetic architecture and quality construction.

For each project we establish relationships with partners who we know will help us create added value for your project. As well as bringing together the public and private sectors, we make sector-overarching links to gather knowledge and to learn from each other.

M7 Design Group offer complete turn key solutions for architectural design, creative and systematic approaches. We cover schematic design, town planning, design development and contract documentation.

Architectural project services may include residential, commercial, renovations, extensions, dual occupancy, apartments, townhouses, units, lighting design, 3D modelling, architectural rendering, drafting and interior design.

Architectural Design Consultation

Our process begins with a study of the site's physical and community location. We develop an understanding of the challenges and opportunities facing the project.

Concept Design Development

We approach all of our concepts and designs with collaboration in mind. This helps us design a home with you, that is aesthetically beautiful and also has the balance of practicality and function

Drafting + Documentation

From family homes, multi-residential to commercial developments, ee use architectural drafting to assist with the construction principles applied to any of our projects. Our Drafts persons will help with design, construction drawings, town planning, assists builders or construction managers and engage with Surveyors in the planning process.

3D Architectural Modelling

Our architectural firm uses industry-based 3D modelling software to create realistic computer models of the finished product. We have a highly skilled team of 3D drafters.

Town Planning

We will collaborate and consult with specific town planners based on your type of project and consider local/state/fed requirements. This will help assist with shaping the communities in which we live.


Our team specialises in the design of residential or domestic buildings. The process of designing residential properties include single-family dwellings, multi-unit residential buildings, renovations and remodels.

Commercial and Industrial

Our process begins with a study of the site's physical and community location. We develop an understanding of the challenges and opportunities facing the project.

Multi-Unit Apartment And Townhouse

Our large portfolio of clients and projects include Multi-Unit Apartments and Townhouse projects. These development projects comprise of more than one dwelling built on a single lot.

Home Extensions Renovations

Our rigorous creative and professional training has provided us with great insight when it comes to the complex challenges around home extensions.


We value the original value of heritage buildings and our Heritage Architectural services reflect just that. To maintain their heritage status buildings must remain true to things like the construction method, historical values, design environment, events that occurred during the life of the building, historical materials, and symbolic identity.


We marry business and pleasure when it comes to designing for hospitality. We understand that each project must be unique, capturing the true essence of the business and welcoming customers.

Sustainable Design

Our environmentally sustainable designs seek to reduce negative impacts on the environment. We introduce materials and green technologies which align with the principles of ecological sustainability. Our aim is to optimise the use of energy without over-exploitation of natural resources and long term environmental impacts.

Interior Design

We can provide Interior Design services for your next project. We can design concepts based on an idea, sustainable living, colours, individual style, functional areas, adhere to building codes, regulations, style guides, colour palettes and furnishings.

Feng Shui Design

Principles of Feng Shui can be an important element to a client's project. Feng Shui in architecture aims to align life working spaces, interiors, bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchen and living spaces to allow for clear and harmonious use of energy. We can apply the core Fung Shui principals to your project with the help of a Fung Shui master.

Studio Client Workshop

Our studio houses our entire team, computer technologies, model making facilities and an interior materials library together with flexible spaces for client workshops and design review meetings.

Application Management

With over a decade of experience, our highly skilled and resourceful team can manage the Building Application Process. This may involve sourcing and work with external consultants, specialist consultants, councils, compliance teams, agents.


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